Spadafora: ‘Current format too optimistic?’

The Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora has claimed the ‘protocols are clear’ and stressed ‘we are working hard’ to avoid another stop in Serie A.

As Juventus waited for Napoli knowing the Partenopei wouldn’t turn up, the protocols and laws are being tested to the limit.

Spadafora admitted the situation in Turin was ‘not a great show’ and pointed at a protocol that ‘establish precise responsibilities’.

“There must be no confusion in the interpretation of the protocols, which are clear and establish precise responsibilities,” Spadafora told Corriere della Sera.

“It would have been better to find a shared solution, it was not a great show.”

Spadafora believes ‘the context has changed’ but said the clause that allows the health authorities to stop teams from travelling is nothing new.

“It has always been there, from the start. The protocol has been taken a little lightly up until now, a general tightening is needed. The context has changed, and we must take note of it.”

Spadafora highlighted the work to ‘ensure’ Serie A avoids another stop but conceded the tight programme might be ‘too optimistic’.

“We are all working to ensure that this doesn’t happen,” he added. “However, I would like to emphasise that no one lives the same life as a year ago and that the current football format, including Cups and national teams, is perhaps too optimistic.

“Priorities must be given and it’s not understandable to feel that there’s no room for recoveries.

“My advice is to think about the different scenarios because we don’t know what will happen and if there’s a thought related to the play-offs, it’s better to decide when the championship has just started.”


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