Report: Serie A discuss potential Plan B

Serie A has reportedly started discussing the hypotheses of a play-offs and a Final Eight, should the League risk having to finish with a different format.

Football has been trying to avoid concluding the championships through play-offs and the hope of concluding Serie A with the traditional formula is still the priority.

But Il Corriere dello Sport reveals the FIGC has started working on different hypotheses in case of an emergency, highlighted by Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora in an interview with Corriere della Sera yesterday.

The Minister of Sport stressed ‘no one lives the same life as a year ago and that the current football format, including Cups and national teams, is perhaps too optimistic’.

He added that the best time to decide Plan B and a possible play-off, would be at the start of the championship.

Il Corriere dello Sport reveals the President of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina and the President of the Lega Serie A Paolo Dal Pino, has reassured Spadafora that two options are being analysed by the clubs.

The first hypothesis could affect the amount of games, from the 380 planned, cut to 340 or 350, depending on the date of the possible stop.

Teams will then only face a certain number of teams, related to their position in the standings at that point and weigh up the final positions in the table according to the results achieved in the previous rounds of fixtures before concluding with a Scudetto play-off and a relegation play-out.

Plan B, on the other hand, reportedly consists of a Final Eight, like in the Champions League 2019-20, perhaps with home and away games and advantages for the top four in the table, based on the current format in Serie B.

But the newspaper highlights untied knots regarding the European competitions and the TV rights.


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