VIDEO: Balotelli, Boateng and De Jong show off street skills

Watch the Ghana international get nutmegged as he and Balotelli take on Soufiane Touzani and De Jong in a freestyle competition in Milan


Mario Balotelli, Kevin Prince Boateng and Nigel de Jong showed off their impressive skills in a street battle with freestyle football star Soufiane Touzani.

Balotelli and Boateng took on the Dutch duo in Milan, with the freestyle pioneer humiliating the Ghana international with a delightful nutmeg.

While the professional trio impressed in a way they would rarely be able to on the field, Touzani’s magic touch was so deadly and unpredictable that he had the attackers scared to take him on, leaving them refusing to open their legs.

[embedded content]

Watch more of Touzani’s skill videos on his YouTube channel TouzaniTV.

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