Prandelli to talk Twitter tact with Balotelli

The Italy coach has confirmed he will speak with the striker after he vented publically at his detractors following his sending off against Czech Republic

Italy coach Cesare Prandelli has stated he will meet with Mario Balotelli to discuss his use of Twitter after his outburst following Friday’s draw against the Czech Republic.

The forward took to his newly-created account on the popular social media portal to lash out at his critics following his red card in the World Cup qualifier, but quickly apologised for his actions soon after.

The 22-year-old was also embroiled in a spat with Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt earlier this week, and Prandelli has confirmed he will look to advise the temperamental star over his online antics.

“Using Twitter? In the coming days we’ll talk about this,” Prandelli underlined to ANSA. “Honestly, I liked the second message [of apology] more.

“He must understand he will always be the subject of provocation, like all greats. In learning, he will deal a blow to the ploys of opponents, but otherwise he will always be provoked at their hands.”

Adressing reporters at a seperate event, the 55-year-old expanded: “He’s one of our important players, but must also carry the attitude of a team player.

“He is not the same as others in media terms. We have champions like Gianluigi Buffon and Andrea Pirlo, but he gets the most attention.

“Youngsters readily identify with him, disregarding his colour. The fact is they consider him a new Italian symbol who breaks down the barriers of race.”

Italy are currently preparing for their opening Confederations Cup clash with Mexico next Sunday.

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