Moratti: “Balotelli will renew contract until 2015!”

With the classic elegance and a bit of irony, the president nerazzurro answers to the tip of the Milan Borriello, that SuperMario to the Milan had invited

Moratti, on the columns de the Courier of the Sport, has answered in way, like always, garbata but also ironic, to the demand for Mark Borriello, that is that of wanting Mario Balotelli to the Milan. The patron nerazzurro it has said that “SuperMario is like Course; also it wanted it to Pelè. Draft therefore of I compliment myself for the rossonero”. Balotelli like Course therefore; both with the same name, both with the same class, both loved from own president. It is not a case that Mariolino, every year marketed from Herrera, than did not see the hour to make it outside, at the end remained to the Inter. All for wanting of Moratti father that, it did not want to be deprived of; same identical thing for number 45 of the Inter, thought the star of the nerazzurri from the president, with good peace of the Milan and of Mancini wants that it to City. Mario is and will remain a player of the Inter.

The Inter wants to fix the encounter with the Balotelli siblings in order to armor Mario, that it has a contract till june 2015; I renew will be therefore of two years I engage and it would arrive to 2,5 million euros the year. Not there is between the two parts haste of the encounter, concerning short the contest with the Chelsea will be played and no distraction is granted. This season in fact is that of the consacrazione for Mario, that it has found continuity and it could be quite concluded with the national debut in greater to the World-wide one of Sudafrica. The expiration of the contract is however far, but if Mario comes compared to Pato that, in the last contract year, it will earn 4 million I engage, it of the tip nerazzurra will necessarily go to increase.

In any case it is not from excluding that when will be arrived to dealing I renew, to make it could be Moratti in person, such way to ago avoid the risks and the fraintendimenti of two years. Own as it made the father Moratti Angel, when Herrera wanted Run outside from the Inter, but punctually the patron nerazzurro `riusciva’ not to sell it. However Mariolino left the Inter 32 years, in the ’73, when the property nerazzurra passed from Moratti Sr. to Ivanoe Fraizzoli. Sign clearly that the permanence of the Mario today to the Inter is tied to double quantity thread to that of Moratti.

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  1. Balotelli you are great player,calm down and play your and i need you to score Two goals against United on monday.

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