'Balotelli wouldn't play for Italy if he were white'

After the striker defended himself from heavy criticism, motivational coach Alberto Ferrarini has outrageously claimed his place in the Azzurri is down to his skin colour

Mario Balotelli would not play for Italy if he was white, according to popular psychological coach Alberto Ferrarini.

The 23-year-old striker was substituted at half-time during the Azzurri’s 1-0 defeat to Uruguay which saw them crash out at the group stage of the World Cup for the second time in a row.

Balotelli has come under immense criticism once again and took to his Instagram to defend himself, insisting he “gave his all” for the national team.

He then added: “Or maybe, like you say, I’m not Italian. Africans would never cast aside one of their ‘brothers’. NEVER … There’s no shame on who misses a goal or runs less or more.”
And Ferrarini, who works as a motivational coach for players such as Leonardo Bonucci and Alberto Gilardino, has outrageously insisted Balotelli is “privileged” and only has a place in the national team because he is black.

“Dear Mario Balotelli,” he wrote on his Facebook. “I think that the colour of your skin has helped you significantly during your career…

“If you were like me, a white man, today you would not be in the national team… as a white guy you would have been a good player and that’s all.

“In addition, you are a big pain in the ass. Moreover, every time I see you play, I watch you with my eyes and white skin: ‘You are a privileged!’

“Finally I tell you, if you like Africa, it would be great to see you play ‘with your brothers’. But, they aren’t as naive as the Italians and there you’d only be one of many. Think about this!”

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