Balotelli reveals his love for… Michelle Obama!

The Nice striker posted an image of the First Lady, wife of US president Barack Obama, with a flattering compliment

Politics is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when piecing together a list of Mario Balotelli’s favourite subjects, with indoor fireworks and sulking seemingly more up his street.

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However, the fiery Italian frontman – who’s proving to be a crack striker for Nice this season – has revealed himself to be an admirer of a certain Democrat from across the pond.

No, not Hillary Clinton or her husband Bill – although his comment is something you can imagine him saying behind closed doors. In fact, Super Mario is a fan of the current First Lady – one Michelle Obama!


A photo posted by Mario Balotelli(@mb459) on

Unfortunately for Balotelli, Michelle and her husband – US president – Barack Obama will be bowing out of the spotlight in the coming weeks, as we reach the rear end of the 2016 Presidential Election race.

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Maybe the former Manchester City and Liverpool striker will use this admiration for Michelle Obama to launch his own foray into the political world when he hangs up his boots. We’d certainly love to hear what his policies would be!

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