Balotelli: I will go to World Cup

Young Inter striker Mario Balotelli was the guest of Italy 1 show “Le Iene”. Balotelli very rarely speaks to the media, but just now when the media silence Inter SuperMario opened the soul. The most relevant statement …

Racism, I am Italian, they know it, but they have something against my skin color. I have no solution, I’m just a small piece of this world, I can not change. I do not think it will be so forever, but it seems to me that it goes better. Although we do from start to finish, I will not stop. To ask me, I’d played before empty stands, or terminated the match. However, this is just intimidation. ”

Mourinho: “Well me and denied just because the arguments. It is not always good, but wants me well. Against Fiorentina I got hit by the eye. Coach angry As I returned to the defense. Happiness that we have not received a goal because I would now be dead (laughs). What I told him, and I could not do now? I do not like your car (laughs). ”

Movement: No Fan to anyone. As a child I navijao for Milan, but now is not one I support. I play for Inter and pobjedujem for Inter. I was in San wider at Milan – Manchester United great game to watch, not to watch Milan. Why not praise goals? I said that I celebrate in the World Cup, but now I add that I celebrate the one in the finals of the Champions League. My dream is bring your team title at the last minute, even entered a couple of minutes before the end. ”

Chelsea: “I do not believe them, because I think only of yourself and your team. I have nothing to think of others. We Prejaki. If all we mean that we are too strong, as to demonstrate the championship, then no one has a chance against us, just one. ”

Cassano: “He gave me advice when I played. He told me that I was in a large, right club to coach me a price and that my time will come. He told me how he would like to play with me and I will focus on the right path. ”

Process “work, a lot of work to train. In training to give their best in light and impossible things. I play. Just a little bit, should not be in the starting composition, but this is the best progress, playing. What are you trying to apply everything in training if it also does not try Sunday. ”

Team, “Will bet they’ll go to the World Cup? If you go placas three dinners, and I’ll bring my jersey. If you win the World I will you pay them 40, as hoces, all year long. “

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