Balotelli: I get treated badly because I'm black

The AC Milan striker believes that if he was white he wouldn’t receive the same amount of criticism when he makes a mistake

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli believes he gets unfair criticism simply because he is black.

The striker has developed a reputation for being a disruptive figure throughout his career, having made the headlines on several occasions for his involvement in numerous controversial incidents, including training ground bust-ups and disagreements with coaches. 

Balotelli fell out with Jose Mourinho at Inter as well as Roberto Mancini during his time with Manchester City. When at City he also let off fireworks in his bathroom the night before facing local rivals Manchester United.

Such behaviour has made him a target, however, and his return to Italy with Milan has been marred by frequent incidents of racist abuse.

The latest came just last week when he was singled out by Italy fans while he trained with the national team at the pre-World Cup base near Florence.

The 23-year-old feels that, because he is black, he is criticised more for his actions than he would be if he were white.

“I make some mistakes and I always pay for them,” he told GQ Italy. “But if I were white they would only insult me for the mistakes.

“The problem is not the things that I do but that these things are allowed to happen to me.

“It is only the stupid and the ignorant who take issue with me. I’m different and this annoys people.”

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