Balotelli controversy on Big Brother

Mario Balotelli appeared on the Italian equivalent of Celebrity Big Brother, causing controversy by joking about rape allegations against him.

The striker, who is currently without a club after his ill-fated spell at Brescia came to an end, was a guest on the programme on Friday evening.

He was there because his biological brother, Enock, is one of the contestants on the Canale 5 show.

Balotelli was interviewed and asked about one of the other contestants, Dayane Mello, who had claimed she had a relationship with him, something the striker denied.

He was told: ‘Dayane wanted you in the house…’

Mario’s reply was: “Yes, but then she’d go ‘stop, stop, it hurts’” and then he laughed.

This was the exact same phrase Balotelli testified that an underage girl had used when he had sex with her during his time playing for Nice.

She went to the police and accused him of rape, but the charges were dropped and he had counter-sued her and her lawyer for attempted extortion.


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