Balotelli apologises for ‘vulgar joke’

Mario Balotelli apologised for ‘any offence caused’ after his crude joke during a Celebrity Big Brother appearance, but assured ‘women are my life.’

The former Italy international is currently a free agent after an acrimonious end to his spell at Brescia, so appearance as a guest on Italy’s version of Celebrity Big Brother, where his brother Enock is a contestant.

Mario made a crude joke about another one of the contestants, Dayane Mello, also referencing rape allegations that were made against him last year.

Social media erupted and accused him of being misogynistic, so Balotelli replied in an Instagram Stories post.

“Girls, I apologise if anyone felt offended! I know Dayane well and we have a way of talking that might seem vulgar, but I care for her a great deal!

“So enough of this feminist or misogynist, I apologise for anyone who felt offended, but if you don’t know the rapport between people before judging, then get some information first!

“I have two mothers, three sisters and one daughter, so women are my life, stop speculating on things you don’t know about! I love you all, goodnight.”

Balotelli was adopted as a baby and later reunited with his birth family, which is why he said he has ‘two mothers.’


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