The ultras of Bari: “Welcome, Balotelli!”

The Curva Nord stadium ‘San Nicola’, the temple of organized supporters of Bari, is ready to welcome in a very warm Mario Balotelli. After having accepted the invitation of Mayor Michele Emiliano written to delete some offensive against him appeared on the walls of a city street in recent days, is also appreciated by the same company nerazzurra, supporters of cockerels prepare a banner of welcome to SuperMario.

Supporters of Bari gave instead a great show of sympathy towards him, also aided by being good friends with ‘Pibe de Bari’ Antonio Cassano.

Thuram: Forza Mario!

Former Juventus player Lilian Thuram French team asked the selectors Italy Marcella Lippi to the World Cup in South Africa must lead the attacker and the Mary Inter Balotellija to prevent racism in Calcio.Devetnaestogodišnji player Inter is the main target this season turns out racist fans in the stands but and beyond. Thuram mind that the leading men in the Italian Football Association the right not observed such cases.

“Those who deny the existence of racism in Series A Balotelli left to fight alone. The problem with the skin color of the player, in Calcio like some disease. Many people are afraid of anyone who had a different. Where it states that the Italians can not be black? I think Mario has to play on Mondial that would address this problem. To fudbalers be a strong signal “from above” as was the case in the U.S. with a choice of Barak Obama for president, “said Thuram newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Pizarro on Balotelli: “How many has made …”

During a long interview to the ‘messenger’, the Chilean Roma, ex-Inter player, David Pizarro touched on numerous topics, including that of racism in stadiums. But he said that racism is not only and exclusively the black players, which also speaks Italian players perhaps for reasons of ‘bell’. It tells the Chilean “Here there is also less than other countries like Spain and Germany. We talk about Balotelli and people of color. But I assure you that in the field during the heating, I’ve heard of all the those against Totti and De Rossi: Roman insults on them, on personal things, on their families. The most I heard once at Ascoli in 2007, before the match. unrepeatable things, very bad. I think in football there are different racism must be opposed. ”
Speaking specifically of Mario Balotelli, but Pizarro takes to specify that the episodes that the protagonist is not classified as racist. “We have him on his attitudes. Unquestionable talent, but to us it has combined so many, too many. In the field you kicked useless talk in terms causes. I hope we never met a fellow with the crooked moon … We talk about him because he is one who can sell well. Now it is hard to handle it, maybe something was wrong at the beginning. ” Pizarro does not spare any criticism of his former team: “I remember the ad ‘I like to win easy?’ Inter have three teams available, spends most of all. And wins, in fact, easy. Look now have Eto’o going Africa Nations Cup and they will not be waiting for him, he bought another. As long as it works so, for there are other possibilities. Yet two years ago we had touched the miracle, but we have taken seven points “

Milito severe: “Balo must grow and listen to people.” And on Mou …

Exclusive to Sky Sports, spoke about the Inter striker Julio Ricardo Cruz, ace of the team that Mourinho has given the broadcast of ‘The lords of football’, conducted by Gianluca Vialli and Paolo Rossi, to talk about this and that, always with Inter in the foreground. To begin, the first question is about his relationship with Jose Mourinho: “Maybe at the beginning, one sees him as a coach different from others because it can communicate well, and then a coach from outside may seem a bit ‘far from players . But it is not. I found a person who always tries to listen to the players, is very close to the team and this made me a wonderful surprise. ”

On the importance of having an experienced lightning rod, Diego is uncertain: “It is sometimes useful and sometimes not. Sometimes it is important that the coach will take the responsibility and they are all loaded on him, sometimes the players need to this. Sometimes we blame the players, and when things go well, we must set our face and say so, because we are players take the field, “admitted the prince, who then spoke about his experience at Genoa and its memory rossoblù: “Surely I will be forever linked to Genoa, because there I experienced moments beautifully and was the first team where I played in Europe. Today I am in a different team, in a society great, is the dream of every child get to play in a society like this. ” Then back on the whole, and Milito talks about his ward mate, Samuel Eto’o: “Yes, I can say that Eto’o has added well, is very fast both in the locker room on the field. I believe this will see, we see that he is happy, always try to give my best and I think we are finding even a better understanding between us. Certainly we lack a little ‘time to know us more, however, is obviously a great champion. ”

The closure, however, is dedicated to Mario Balotelli: “I must tell the truth, when I played against him, he truly knows, I wanted to” kill “. Now that I have it as a companion, I want to” kill “again ! Mario is. must surely grow, is a guy who needs to mature, time, and when he understands where he is and begin to listen to people who must listen, surely become a great champion because he has a talent that all know, “said Milito. Important words from his father, who perhaps will think SuperMario …

Balotelli fan of AC Milan?

Baloteli again stir the Italian soccer after the public was seen in the stands to watch San Cheese Italian Cup match between Milan and Novara.

Inter striker was opened in November, said a group of children with special needs to always cheering for Milan, but that is currently in his first season, “neroazura. Later, he addressed the public saying that it was all just a joke. Of course, both statements have raised much dust in and around the field, and “rosoneri” are from the stands during a humorous banners tifoze caused major rivals.

Baloteli after the incident was not afraid to be seen to match the city rivals. However, his presence is not likes fans of Milan, and the 19-year-old in some moments of strife with the fans, “rosonera.

Things have calmed down quickly, and the Baloteli alone odgledao triumph over Milan Novara (2:1) and placing the Italian Cup quarter-finals. Cameras were seized last sudijski whistle, so we do not know whether to rejoice.