Thuram: Forza Mario!

Former Juventus player Lilian Thuram French team asked the selectors Italy Marcella Lippi to the World Cup in South Africa must lead the attacker and the Mary Inter Balotellija to prevent racism in Calcio.Devetnaestogodišnji player Inter is the main target this season turns out racist fans in the stands but and beyond. Thuram mind that the leading men in the Italian Football Association the right not observed such cases.

“Those who deny the existence of racism in Series A Balotelli left to fight alone. The problem with the skin color of the player, in Calcio like some disease. Many people are afraid of anyone who had a different. Where it states that the Italians can not be black? I think Mario has to play on Mondial that would address this problem. To fudbalers be a strong signal “from above” as was the case in the U.S. with a choice of Barak Obama for president, “said Thuram newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport.

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