Serie B: Donnarumma positive for COVID-19

Brescia striker Alfredo Donnarumma has revealed he tested positive for COVID-19. ‘I’m fine and have no symptoms’.

The Rondinelle lost 3-0 by default against Empoli in the Coppa Italia, as they had discovered cases of COVID-19 in the team group and didn’t participate against the Tuscans.

Donnarumma has explained he has been absent recently due to positivity for coronavirus but assured he feels ‘fine and have no symptoms’.

“It has also touched me, I’m positive for COVID-19,” Donnarumma wrote on Instagram. “Meanwhile, I want to reassure everyone I’m fine and have no symptoms.

“I’m at home, unfortunately isolated from my wife and children. I miss the contact with them, but I know this bad time will pass soo.

“I miss the pitch and the ball, but I’ll be back to training in the next few days when this damned virus has abandoned me.

“It’s a delicate moment for everyone and we must be careful, we respect the rules and follow the various protocols.

“We will only get out of it as soon as possible by working hard together.”


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