Petrucci: “Bravo not to convene Balotelli”

A protagonist in the evening lacked only the triumph of the Inter to Stamford Bridge: Mario Balotelli.

The young forward nerazzurro has been before punished from Mourinho for some its attitudes with the lacked convocazione and then heavy resumed she is from Javier Zanetti that give Materazzi Mark.

A choice that of the technician nerazzurro shared also from the president of the Cones Gianni Petrucci: “It has had Mourinho reason. If it has decided to leave Balotelli house there will be because. The Inter has chopped herbs a large one of world-wide soccer and for this it deserves compliments”.

That one of Balotelli risks to become a tormentone to in blue optical: “Ended tormentone the Cassano it has been begun with Balotelli. If it will call it to Lippi to the World-wide ones I will be happy, otherwise I will respect those which are the choices of a technician who has gained a World-wide one”.

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