Moratti: “Balotelli will renew contract until 2015!”

With the classic elegance and a bit of irony, the president nerazzurro answers to the tip of the Milan Borriello, that SuperMario to the Milan had invited

Moratti, on the columns de the Courier of the Sport, has answered in way, like always, garbata but also ironic, to the demand for Mark Borriello, that is that of wanting Mario Balotelli to the Milan. The patron nerazzurro it has said that “SuperMario is like Course; also it wanted it to Pelè. Draft therefore of I compliment myself for the rossonero”. Balotelli like Course therefore; both with the same name, both with the same class, both loved from own president. It is not a case that Mariolino, every year marketed from Herrera, than did not see the hour to make it outside, at the end remained to the Inter. All for wanting of Moratti father that, it did not want to be deprived of; same identical thing for number 45 of the Inter, thought the star of the nerazzurri from the president, with good peace of the Milan and of Mancini wants that it to City. Mario is and will remain a player of the Inter.

The Inter wants to fix the encounter with the Balotelli siblings in order to armor Mario, that it has a contract till june 2015; I renew will be therefore of two years I engage and it would arrive to 2,5 million euros the year. Not there is between the two parts haste of the encounter, concerning short the contest with the Chelsea will be played and no distraction is granted. This season in fact is that of the consacrazione for Mario, that it has found continuity and it could be quite concluded with the national debut in greater to the World-wide one of Sudafrica. The expiration of the contract is however far, but if Mario comes compared to Pato that, in the last contract year, it will earn 4 million I engage, it of the tip nerazzurra will necessarily go to increase.

In any case it is not from excluding that when will be arrived to dealing I renew, to make it could be Moratti in person, such way to ago avoid the risks and the fraintendimenti of two years. Own as it made the father Moratti Angel, when Herrera wanted Run outside from the Inter, but punctually the patron nerazzurro `riusciva’ not to sell it. However Mariolino left the Inter 32 years, in the ’73, when the property nerazzurra passed from Moratti Sr. to Ivanoe Fraizzoli. Sign clearly that the permanence of the Mario today to the Inter is tied to double quantity thread to that of Moratti.

Balotelli: I will go to World Cup

Young Inter striker Mario Balotelli was the guest of Italy 1 show “Le Iene”. Balotelli very rarely speaks to the media, but just now when the media silence Inter SuperMario opened the soul. The most relevant statement …

Racism, I am Italian, they know it, but they have something against my skin color. I have no solution, I’m just a small piece of this world, I can not change. I do not think it will be so forever, but it seems to me that it goes better. Although we do from start to finish, I will not stop. To ask me, I’d played before empty stands, or terminated the match. However, this is just intimidation. ”

Mourinho: “Well me and denied just because the arguments. It is not always good, but wants me well. Against Fiorentina I got hit by the eye. Coach angry As I returned to the defense. Happiness that we have not received a goal because I would now be dead (laughs). What I told him, and I could not do now? I do not like your car (laughs). ”

Movement: No Fan to anyone. As a child I navijao for Milan, but now is not one I support. I play for Inter and pobjedujem for Inter. I was in San wider at Milan – Manchester United great game to watch, not to watch Milan. Why not praise goals? I said that I celebrate in the World Cup, but now I add that I celebrate the one in the finals of the Champions League. My dream is bring your team title at the last minute, even entered a couple of minutes before the end. ”

Chelsea: “I do not believe them, because I think only of yourself and your team. I have nothing to think of others. We Prejaki. If all we mean that we are too strong, as to demonstrate the championship, then no one has a chance against us, just one. ”

Cassano: “He gave me advice when I played. He told me that I was in a large, right club to coach me a price and that my time will come. He told me how he would like to play with me and I will focus on the right path. ”

Process “work, a lot of work to train. In training to give their best in light and impossible things. I play. Just a little bit, should not be in the starting composition, but this is the best progress, playing. What are you trying to apply everything in training if it also does not try Sunday. ”

Team, “Will bet they’ll go to the World Cup? If you go placas three dinners, and I’ll bring my jersey. If you win the World I will you pay them 40, as hoces, all year long. “

Okaka: Mario should be first team player!

The forward, currently to the Fulham, has told also its first impressions on the League Prime Minister.

Tomorrow evening, to Rieti, Italy Under 21 will defy the equal ages of Hungary for the most important challenge of qualification to the next European championships of category.

The brace of attack of the pale blues, except surprise, would have to be composed from Stefano Okaka, gioiellino of the Rome currently on loan to the Fulham, and Mario Balotelli, emerged star of the Inter. A brace of attacking of color, for Italy, é an absolute innovation.

“It is the sign of the times that they change – has declared Okaka, like brought back today on the “Courier of the Sport” – of the evolution and integration of razze various in the same civil society. Beautiful not? And there is also Ogbonna thus make three. I and Mario have not never played with, but we know ourselves for a long time”.

Own on purpose of the unit colleague, Okaka has then said: “Mario is a champion, must be calm, to have patience. The national mesh of greater a day will be its, but in order now it must respect the choices of Lippi and make here well under 21, in order to even insinuate some doubt in more to the ct”.

To Okaka then it has been asked a short report for these first weeks of its adventure in England. “The Fulham does not lose from seven left from when I have arrived! Before, they came from five consecutive defeats, but in field they were all sorridenti equally. Goodness knows that atmosphere us would have been to Rome in a situation of the sort”.

Goal and assist

2-3 clash between Udinese and Inter Ends, valid contest for 26^ the day of Series To Tim 2009-2010.

Spectacular that of the “Friuli”, Udinese is a contest indeed and Inter leaves quickly hard. Al advantage of the friulani with Pepper after two minuteren from I do not hiss of beginning, immediately answer the nerazzurri with Balotelli, than to the 6 ‘ it goes to sign of power, primed from Maicon. Own the Brazilian, to the 21 ‘, door therefore the Inter in advantage in spectacular way with a diagonal to the flight. But the nerazzurri they are not pleased and, begun from little moments the minute of recovery granted from Bergonzi, they decrease the tris with I support, that it goes to sign of head on cross of Balotelli. In the resumption the Udinese shortens the distances to 7 ‘, on rigor, realized gives Of Been born them. The friulani attack till the last minute of according to time but the Inter resists to the onslaughts. The match between Udinese and Inter it finishes thus 2-3.

FIRST TIME – For the seventh contest of the girone of return of the Series To Tim 2009-2010, against the Udinese of capocannoniere Of Born them, to the place of the disqualified José Mourinho it seats in park bench the vice Beppe Natives of Bari. Between disqualified and injured people, enough obliged the choices: with Materazzi that sits down in park bench, Thiago Motta s’inventa partner of Lucio in defense. To centrocampo Mariga, the first presence from holder, the flank of Stankovic. Davanti I support, supported from Balotelli, Sneijder and Pandev.
Two minuteren and the Udinese quickly does not pass in advantage with Simone Pepper of right, on assist ball to earth of Of Been born them, than to its time it had been primed from Cuadrado. But the Inter not is and retort quickly with Balotelli, to the 6 ‘: assist of Maicon from the trequarti for SuperMario that, seppur slipping, goes to sign of right with a shooting angled and power. The Inter is made dangerous newly to the 9 ‘ with a punishment of Sneijder. Three minuteren after are former nerazzurro the Paschal one to put in difficulty the Inter with a conclusion drawn near from the left, but Julio Cesar rejects without problems. On punishment, to the 16 ‘, Balotelli it puts fear of the friulani: of power the ball grazes the pole to the right of Handanovic. It continues the ribaltamenti of forehead, with Lucio that governs the defense nerazzurra performing miracles sometimes. Al 21 ‘ arrives the advantage of nerazzurri thanks to a great goal of Maicon, a diagonal to the flight: the Brazilian becomes part from the right served from Pandev, to its time primed from Supports. It is 2-1 for the Inter, than although or completely rimaneggiata extension a character of steel, forehead to the careful look of Mourinho, seated in tribune with to its flank the disqualified others nerazzurri. The Udinese motivating force and does not continue to proporsi in ahead, above all thanks to the inserimenti in speed of Of Been born them. Al 41 ‘ Sanchez tries to impensierire Julio Cesar with a right from the distance, but the Brazilian makes its football without problems. As soon as begun the recovery, the Inter goes newly to sign, is the goal of the 3-1, signed from infallible Prince Milito: the Argentine realizes of head, served from Balotelli that crossa from the left. I support is the fifteenth net in championship. After a recovery minute the 1-3 first fraction of game between Udinese and Inter finishes therefore.

ACCORDING TO TIME – the resumption is opened without changes. The Udinese leaves aggressive and Julio Cesar comes quickly called in cause on a shooting dangerous of Of Been born them. Al 5 ‘ Bergonzi grants free kick to the Udinese, but on the shooting of the friulani there is Balotelli that in barrier increases the arm and Bergonzi hisses the penalty kick in favor of the bianconeri own while the ball ends in net put within from Pepper. The friulano for its part on the moment protests, but then the Udinese gioisce equally after little moments when to the 7 ‘ Of Been born it realizes them the goal of the 2-3 from the floppy disk, thus answering to Supports in the challenge within the challenge for the title it of capocannoniere of series To. Nineteen hour Of Been born them, fifteen Milito. Two minuteren and nearly arrive the bianconero balancing, to the 9 ‘ the Udinese divora in fact 3-3 with Sanchez served from Zapata. The friulani peace is not given and continues to become dangerous here davanti, above all with Pepe and Sanchez. To the mezzora cross of Pepper for Cuadrado, than of skillful plate it sends outside, divorandosi an incredible action from goal. Three minuteren after are still Pepper to impensierire the nerazzurri going to the shooting in depth on the left. Played large Al 46 ‘ of Sanchez for Pepper that goes to the shooting, but Julio Cesar does not let to beffare. It is bianconero onslaught, but the Inter not motivating force, till the last moment, when a crosspiece of Inler arrives also. Although the brivido final, after four minuteren of recovery, a 2-3 emozionantissimo finishes therefore match between Udinese and Inter.

The funny irony on the rossonero Balotelli

“Mario, you have amused tuesday”.

It has made to storcere the nose to society and tifosi the presence of the forward of the Inter Mario Balotelli to Saint Siro, slid tuesday, in occasion of Milan-Manchester United.

And today some tifosi have evidenced with irony the episode, goodness knows if addressing mainly to SuperMario and its presumed rossonero tifo, or simply picking to the flight the occasion for sfottere the cousinses, than in Champions with the Red Devils they have lost for 3-2. “Mario, you have amused tuesday? Also we”. This the banner exposed on the tribune of Saint Siro in the pre-contest of Inter-Sampdoria. Of the series: they were always thus funny, to see the banners of the tifosi on the spalti would be always a pleasure.

The smile of the interisti tifosi but then has been stemperato during the game and instead is fioccati the choruses “fool fool” revolts to the Tagliavento arbitrator after the two expulsions for the nerazzurri, till to arrive to a spagnoleggiante pañolada to beginning according to time: after that the contest director has denied a presumed rigor to the Inter, cropping instead a yellow to Eto’o for simulation, on the spalti of Saint Siro they are appeared thousands of handkerchiefs white men, waved in sign of protest in the comparisons of the contest director.