The funny irony on the rossonero Balotelli

“Mario, you have amused tuesday”.

It has made to storcere the nose to society and tifosi the presence of the forward of the Inter Mario Balotelli to Saint Siro, slid tuesday, in occasion of Milan-Manchester United.

And today some tifosi have evidenced with irony the episode, goodness knows if addressing mainly to SuperMario and its presumed rossonero tifo, or simply picking to the flight the occasion for sfottere the cousinses, than in Champions with the Red Devils they have lost for 3-2. “Mario, you have amused tuesday? Also we”. This the banner exposed on the tribune of Saint Siro in the pre-contest of Inter-Sampdoria. Of the series: they were always thus funny, to see the banners of the tifosi on the spalti would be always a pleasure.

The smile of the interisti tifosi but then has been stemperato during the game and instead is fioccati the choruses “fool fool” revolts to the Tagliavento arbitrator after the two expulsions for the nerazzurri, till to arrive to a spagnoleggiante pañolada to beginning according to time: after that the contest director has denied a presumed rigor to the Inter, cropping instead a yellow to Eto’o for simulation, on the spalti of Saint Siro they are appeared thousands of handkerchiefs white men, waved in sign of protest in the comparisons of the contest director.