Others about Super Mario

Massimo Moratti: “I’m happy for him. I think he’s finally found a home, Italy; all the Italians now love him as he wished. Balotelli is a complex guy, but above all a great talent and the European Championships have proved this in international terms, in front of the whole world. The nice thing is that he has learned to suffer; Prandelli chose not to play him against Republic of Ireland, but he did not give up. I have thought of trying to bring him to Inter; I would gladly bet on him here but Manchester City have every right to say no and want to hang onto him.”

Platini: “I saw him play live for the first time (against Germany) and he is a very strong player. He is able to play well with his back to the goal, as he showed in the first matches of the tournament. Then, against Ireland, he came in and scored, and he scored again against Germany.”

Prandelli: “We have always felt he had great ability. But there comes a time when you have to be brave enough to accept other people’s advice because the result becomes paramount. He has found a set-up where he can talk to great champions, who have won a lot of trophies and achieved a lot. We have asked him to do certain things, and at this moment in time, he is doing them.”

Del Bosque: “Balotelli is a peculiar type, very peculiar,” the 61-year-old revealed to Gazzetta dello Sport. I do not know him personally but he is a very complete footballer; fast, technically good, he knows how to dribble and is good in the air.”

Roberto Mancini: “I’m really happy for him. An adjective? Extraordinary. It’s the moment that he can pass from being a good player to a great player. And against Spain in the final, I expect that he will carry the team. The moment of his consecration has arrived. I was sure that Mario would score two goals; I felt it. I thought it was his night and that he would make a difference. What did I think after the second goal? That he would have been able to score another. But it was a shame that he took off his shirt. He should not have gotten himself booked.”

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