Okaka: Mario should be first team player!

The forward, currently to the Fulham, has told also its first impressions on the League Prime Minister.

Tomorrow evening, to Rieti, Italy Under 21 will defy the equal ages of Hungary for the most important challenge of qualification to the next European championships of category.

The brace of attack of the pale blues, except surprise, would have to be composed from Stefano Okaka, gioiellino of the Rome currently on loan to the Fulham, and Mario Balotelli, emerged star of the Inter. A brace of attacking of color, for Italy, é an absolute innovation.

“It is the sign of the times that they change – has declared Okaka, like brought back today on the “Courier of the Sport” – of the evolution and integration of razze various in the same civil society. Beautiful not? And there is also Ogbonna thus make three. I and Mario have not never played with, but we know ourselves for a long time”.

Own on purpose of the unit colleague, Okaka has then said: “Mario is a champion, must be calm, to have patience. The national mesh of greater a day will be its, but in order now it must respect the choices of Lippi and make here well under 21, in order to even insinuate some doubt in more to the ct”.

To Okaka then it has been asked a short report for these first weeks of its adventure in England. “The Fulham does not lose from seven left from when I have arrived! Before, they came from five consecutive defeats, but in field they were all sorridenti equally. Goodness knows that atmosphere us would have been to Rome in a situation of the sort”.

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