Mino Raiola will be the next agent of Mario Balotelli

After the turbulent events of the last hours, in which Balotelli it has been to the center of querelle social for a fever-not-fever accused with the Genoa and a pain it is unknown how much fort will force that it to jump the transfer of Catania, and after the words of Corrado Balotelli in defense of the brother, 45 number interista astonishes all with a movement to surprise: its next proxy will be Mino Raiola, the same proxy of Ibrahimovic and Maxwell with which Moratti he had difficult life, and that he carried the two players to Barcelona.

According to how much it reports Sky Sport 24 soon will be own Raiola the agent of Balotelli. A decision that sure it will not make appeals to concerns to us interisti neither, perhaps, to Mourinho, than it had been already said not content of “entourage of Mario”, in which it will enter to make part to short also Raiola.

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