Mancity on Balotelli

“Why is he talked about so much? It’s hard not to talk about a great player,” R. Mancini said.

“He’s great on a technical level, but maybe there are some discussions on his attitude. So that’s why everyone talks about him.

“But I can only speak from my own experience. He was always very well-behaved with me. He’s a young lad and when you’re young you’re allowed to make mistakes.

“Can he improve? Ha, he has twenty years, doesn’t he? I think that he’s the future of Italian football. I agree with Marcello Lippi that he could even be useful for Italy in South Africa (at the 2010 World Cup.)”

Last romours are telling as that he could finish at Manchester City on loan already in January, playing as attacking winger for Mancini’s team. According to some sources, he is unhappy at Inter M, as they signed Goran Pandev, new striker and he will not be first team even during Eto’o’s absent.

It has been reported that Amantino Mancini could be also on his way to City, with Cordoba from Inter. Roberto was also in contact with Pattrick Vieira.

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