Dunga: Balotelli has it all, he's like Pele

The Brazil legend believes the Italy striker has the potential to follow in Pele’s path leading both on the pitch and off it in the fight against racism

Mario Balotelli has the potential to wage a one-man war against racism in football – and win, claims ex-Brazil coach Dunga.

Despite being a brilliant player, Balotelli has endured a great deal of racist abuse in his native Italy, and Dunga believes that by remaining grounded, succeeding and speaking out, Balotelli can replicate Pele in terms of ability and influence in anti-racism campaigns.

“Mario has it all. He’s like Pele,” Dunga told CORSPORT.

“He is a strong, modern striker, no doubt. This is precisely the key part of his character [strength].”

The Brazilian suggested that this strength is what could make him a perfect ambassador against racism.

“I say that we should not find excuses or mitigating circumstances. He can and must fight against racism, he can make a great little personal revolution, without self-pity, but with the strength that he possesses,” he added.

could become a symbol for the persecuted people, who have no voice, nor strength to fight.

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