Balotelli's antics blown out of proportion, says Allegri

The AC Milan coach believes his new Italian striker is a constant target for the media, leading to his every move being reported on and exaggerated

AC Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri says January signing, Mario Balotelli, is under constant pressure from the press due to everything he does being “blown out of proportion.”

Speaking after Balotelli‘s typically headline-grabbing debut in which the former Manchester City striker scored a double against Udinese, the Rossoneri coach said that not only does the audacious Italian give his side a new attacking spearhead, but that his involvement in the newspapers is inevitable.

“Mario is destined to be on the front pages, as he suffers from an over-the-top media pressure and everything he does is blown up out of proportion,” the 45 year-old told a press conference.

Despite bemoaning the €22 million signing’s celebrity status, Allegri praised both Balotelli’s versatility as a player and the flexibility that he will grant the Rossoneri.

The coach revealed that Balotelli‘s ability to hold up play and bring others into the game could enable him to explore other tactical options different from his preferred 4-3-3 formation.

“It is an alternative I have and there are games in which that system can be used. Bojan plays very well behind a centre-forward,” Allegri continued.

“He [Balotelli] has the qualities to act as an assist-man and it’s only natural he has to improve his fitness levels, as he has barely played for three months.”

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