Balotelli payed €38

Inter striker Mario Baloteli punished with 38 euros, because two days ago at 1:30 in the morning blew in the car in the middle of the square in Buenos Aires in Milan.

According to the newspaper Il ?orno, Baloteli was sounded and tried to called the other is asleep in the apartment which was located next to the square. Iznervirani tenants called the police and the golgeter Inter had to explain why the noise created in the hearing of the night.

What is more interesting, Baloteli entered into an argument with police officers seeking to explain why they included a siren.

“I had something important to tell a friend. Will you punish him and me,” he said ironically footballer known for unpredictable behavior.

Officers handed out at the end of his sentence and ordered to immediately go home to residents around the square could sleep in peace. This is not the first time that Baloteli real problems in the car. Inter coach Žoze Murinjo often used it as an example to other players that should relate to football, which they must be a priority, not a fast ride.

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