Balotelli may miss Stoke clash after eye surgery

Mario Balotelli should be ready to play again for Manchester City in 10 days after undergoing laser eye surgery, according to the surgeon who conducted the operation.

The Italian striker is likely to miss the Citizens’ Premier League clash with Stoke after the international break, however, as he adjusts to the procedure.

Balotelli, who previously suffered from Mypoia, has used contact lenses on the football pitch for much of his professional career. However, he recently contracted conjunctivitis, rendering an operation necessary.

“He had a few problems with contact lenses some years ago,” surgeon Emanuele Scuri told Sky Sports Italia.

“We waited for the defect to stabilise over the last four years and this was the right time to have the operation.

“His eyes did not tolerate the contact lenses and he had problems at the start of the season.

“I think in around 10 days he should be ready to play again.

“We brought the operation forward by a day to avoid the paparazzi. This surgery will enable Balotelli to see very well.

“Already he asked if he could drive and I suggested he should get a lift until Thursday.”

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