Balotelli fan of AC Milan?

Baloteli again stir the Italian soccer after the public was seen in the stands to watch San Cheese Italian Cup match between Milan and Novara.

Inter striker was opened in November, said a group of children with special needs to always cheering for Milan, but that is currently in his first season, “neroazura. Later, he addressed the public saying that it was all just a joke. Of course, both statements have raised much dust in and around the field, and “rosoneri” are from the stands during a humorous banners tifoze caused major rivals.

Baloteli after the incident was not afraid to be seen to match the city rivals. However, his presence is not likes fans of Milan, and the 19-year-old in some moments of strife with the fans, “rosonera.

Things have calmed down quickly, and the Baloteli alone odgledao triumph over Milan Novara (2:1) and placing the Italian Cup quarter-finals. Cameras were seized last sudijski whistle, so we do not know whether to rejoice.

Balotelli payed €38

Inter striker Mario Baloteli punished with 38 euros, because two days ago at 1:30 in the morning blew in the car in the middle of the square in Buenos Aires in Milan.

According to the newspaper Il ?orno, Baloteli was sounded and tried to called the other is asleep in the apartment which was located next to the square. Iznervirani tenants called the police and the golgeter Inter had to explain why the noise created in the hearing of the night.

What is more interesting, Baloteli entered into an argument with police officers seeking to explain why they included a siren.

“I had something important to tell a friend. Will you punish him and me,” he said ironically footballer known for unpredictable behavior.

Officers handed out at the end of his sentence and ordered to immediately go home to residents around the square could sleep in peace. This is not the first time that Baloteli real problems in the car. Inter coach Žoze Murinjo often used it as an example to other players that should relate to football, which they must be a priority, not a fast ride.

Mancity on Balotelli

“Why is he talked about so much? It’s hard not to talk about a great player,” R. Mancini said.

“He’s great on a technical level, but maybe there are some discussions on his attitude. So that’s why everyone talks about him.

“But I can only speak from my own experience. He was always very well-behaved with me. He’s a young lad and when you’re young you’re allowed to make mistakes.

“Can he improve? Ha, he has twenty years, doesn’t he? I think that he’s the future of Italian football. I agree with Marcello Lippi that he could even be useful for Italy in South Africa (at the 2010 World Cup.)”

Last romours are telling as that he could finish at Manchester City on loan already in January, playing as attacking winger for Mancini’s team. According to some sources, he is unhappy at Inter M, as they signed Goran Pandev, new striker and he will not be first team even during Eto’o’s absent.

It has been reported that Amantino Mancini could be also on his way to City, with Cordoba from Inter. Roberto was also in contact with Pattrick Vieira.