Petrucci: “Bravo not to convene Balotelli”

A protagonist in the evening lacked only the triumph of the Inter to Stamford Bridge: Mario Balotelli.

The young forward nerazzurro has been before punished from Mourinho for some its attitudes with the lacked convocazione and then heavy resumed she is from Javier Zanetti that give Materazzi Mark.

A choice that of the technician nerazzurro shared also from the president of the Cones Gianni Petrucci: “It has had Mourinho reason. If it has decided to leave Balotelli house there will be because. The Inter has chopped herbs a large one of world-wide soccer and for this it deserves compliments”.

That one of Balotelli risks to become a tormentone to in blue optical: “Ended tormentone the Cassano it has been begun with Balotelli. If it will call it to Lippi to the World-wide ones I will be happy, otherwise I will respect those which are the choices of a technician who has gained a World-wide one”.

Mino Raiola will be the next agent of Mario Balotelli

After the turbulent events of the last hours, in which Balotelli it has been to the center of querelle social for a fever-not-fever accused with the Genoa and a pain it is unknown how much fort will force that it to jump the transfer of Catania, and after the words of Corrado Balotelli in defense of the brother, 45 number interista astonishes all with a movement to surprise: its next proxy will be Mino Raiola, the same proxy of Ibrahimovic and Maxwell with which Moratti he had difficult life, and that he carried the two players to Barcelona.

According to how much it reports Sky Sport 24 soon will be own Raiola the agent of Balotelli. A decision that sure it will not make appeals to concerns to us interisti neither, perhaps, to Mourinho, than it had been already said not content of “entourage of Mario”, in which it will enter to make part to short also Raiola.

Balotelli to estimate, still has the infuence

Mario Balotelli still is influenced; the bomber nerazzurro he suffers the consequences from the fever and tired out weak person feels itself and, besides some problem of stomach. Yesterday, Mario and the square have enjoyed a free day, of full load relax in order to at best recover the energies in sight of the contest of friday to Catania. Mourinho will today estimate the conditions of Balo that, if it did not have to be trained not even today, you would see to diminish the possibilities to come down in field to the Massimino. Technician goes the portuguese us therefore cautious, as the young forward serves to 100% for the challenge with the Chelsea, in the hope that repeats the beautiful performance of the gone one.

Moratti: “Balotelli will renew contract until 2015!”

With the classic elegance and a bit of irony, the president nerazzurro answers to the tip of the Milan Borriello, that SuperMario to the Milan had invited

Moratti, on the columns de the Courier of the Sport, has answered in way, like always, garbata but also ironic, to the demand for Mark Borriello, that is that of wanting Mario Balotelli to the Milan. The patron nerazzurro it has said that “SuperMario is like Course; also it wanted it to Pelè. Draft therefore of I compliment myself for the rossonero”. Balotelli like Course therefore; both with the same name, both with the same class, both loved from own president. It is not a case that Mariolino, every year marketed from Herrera, than did not see the hour to make it outside, at the end remained to the Inter. All for wanting of Moratti father that, it did not want to be deprived of; same identical thing for number 45 of the Inter, thought the star of the nerazzurri from the president, with good peace of the Milan and of Mancini wants that it to City. Mario is and will remain a player of the Inter.

The Inter wants to fix the encounter with the Balotelli siblings in order to armor Mario, that it has a contract till june 2015; I renew will be therefore of two years I engage and it would arrive to 2,5 million euros the year. Not there is between the two parts haste of the encounter, concerning short the contest with the Chelsea will be played and no distraction is granted. This season in fact is that of the consacrazione for Mario, that it has found continuity and it could be quite concluded with the national debut in greater to the World-wide one of Sudafrica. The expiration of the contract is however far, but if Mario comes compared to Pato that, in the last contract year, it will earn 4 million I engage, it of the tip nerazzurra will necessarily go to increase.

In any case it is not from excluding that when will be arrived to dealing I renew, to make it could be Moratti in person, such way to ago avoid the risks and the fraintendimenti of two years. Own as it made the father Moratti Angel, when Herrera wanted Run outside from the Inter, but punctually the patron nerazzurro `riusciva’ not to sell it. However Mariolino left the Inter 32 years, in the ’73, when the property nerazzurra passed from Moratti Sr. to Ivanoe Fraizzoli. Sign clearly that the permanence of the Mario today to the Inter is tied to double quantity thread to that of Moratti.

Balotelli: I will go to World Cup

Young Inter striker Mario Balotelli was the guest of Italy 1 show “Le Iene”. Balotelli very rarely speaks to the media, but just now when the media silence Inter SuperMario opened the soul. The most relevant statement …

Racism, I am Italian, they know it, but they have something against my skin color. I have no solution, I’m just a small piece of this world, I can not change. I do not think it will be so forever, but it seems to me that it goes better. Although we do from start to finish, I will not stop. To ask me, I’d played before empty stands, or terminated the match. However, this is just intimidation. ”

Mourinho: “Well me and denied just because the arguments. It is not always good, but wants me well. Against Fiorentina I got hit by the eye. Coach angry As I returned to the defense. Happiness that we have not received a goal because I would now be dead (laughs). What I told him, and I could not do now? I do not like your car (laughs). ”

Movement: No Fan to anyone. As a child I navijao for Milan, but now is not one I support. I play for Inter and pobjedujem for Inter. I was in San wider at Milan – Manchester United great game to watch, not to watch Milan. Why not praise goals? I said that I celebrate in the World Cup, but now I add that I celebrate the one in the finals of the Champions League. My dream is bring your team title at the last minute, even entered a couple of minutes before the end. ”

Chelsea: “I do not believe them, because I think only of yourself and your team. I have nothing to think of others. We Prejaki. If all we mean that we are too strong, as to demonstrate the championship, then no one has a chance against us, just one. ”

Cassano: “He gave me advice when I played. He told me that I was in a large, right club to coach me a price and that my time will come. He told me how he would like to play with me and I will focus on the right path. ”

Process “work, a lot of work to train. In training to give their best in light and impossible things. I play. Just a little bit, should not be in the starting composition, but this is the best progress, playing. What are you trying to apply everything in training if it also does not try Sunday. ”

Team, “Will bet they’ll go to the World Cup? If you go placas three dinners, and I’ll bring my jersey. If you win the World I will you pay them 40, as hoces, all year long. “